Lennox X8303 / HCXF16-10 Healthy Climate Replacement Media Filter 16x25x5

Lennox X8303 / HCXF16-10 Healthy Climate Replacement Media Filter 16x25x5

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Actual size: 15 3/4" X 24 3/4" X 4 7/16"



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This Lennox furnace air filter works to improve indoor air quality, reducing the amount of pollutants, dirt and dust particles, and airborne allergens in your home.

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After my experience buying from Furnace Air Filters, I would definitely place another order. My new filter is exactly what I wanted - and it was much cheaper than I found anywhere else. I'm really happy with the professionalism, quality of service, and the product I received.

B Butler, Vancouver (British Columbia), February 21, 2013

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We ordered our Lennox furnace filter from Furnace Air Filters last month and were very impressed. At first we weren't sure if ordering online was the best idea, but placing the order was simple and straightforward and our filter arrived quickly. Thank you very much for the prompt and efficient service.

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I owe a lot to Furnace Air Filters. It was time to change my filter but I had no idea where to start. Their website was easy to navigate, informative, and made it easy to find the right filters for my home. Since they arrived, I have already started to notice a difference. Thank you for everything.

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